Local Events

Discover the events near the campsite :

In Attichy :
« Triathon » of the yacht club of the canton of Attichy – 1st week of September
The « Trail » of Chelles by the V.G.A of Attichy – 2nd Saturday of October
The « Chestnut fair » – Last week of October
The « Foulées Attichoises » – 3rd Sunday of November

In Pierrefonds :
The European Days of the Art Professions – 1st weekend of April
The Potters Market – 2nd weekend of May
Meeting of Old Cars – Penultimate weekend of May
The Days of the Handmade – 1st weekend of June
The Arts and Crafts and Gastronomy Market – 3rd weekend of July
The Medieval Celebration – 3rd weekend of August.
The Autumn Hike and the Pierrefonds Handmade Trade – 3rd weekend of October

In Compiègne:
The Military Antiquities Exhibition – 1st Sunday of March
The International Exhibition of Decorated Eggs – 2nd weekend of March
The Chocolate Exhibition – 2nd weekend of March
The Lily of the Valley Celebration – 1st May
The Wine and Cheese Fair – Last week of May
The Forests Festival – Middle June until middle July
The Hunt and Nature Celebration – 1st weekend of September
International Dog Exhibition – 2nd weekend of September
The Trail of Beaux-Monts – 2nd weekend of September
The « Teuf-teuf » – 1st weekend of October
The Compiègnoise – 1st weekend of October

In Crèpy-En-Valois:
Opening of the English Medieval Architectural Museum – Last weekend of March

In all the Oise:
Weekend of the Green and Blue Oise – 1st weekend of June
The Streets Arts Festival – 2nd weekend of September
Local Heritage Days – 3rd weekend of September